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Big Flats, New York

Membership Chair

Lion Mike Yanak -- 562-7433

Lion Judy Zimmerman -- 562-3461
Lion John Farr -- 562-7621

May, 2009
Events Calendar:
  May 11th @ 6:30PM Regular Club meeting at the Crystal House.
  May 18th @ 7:00PM Board of Directors meeting at the Big Flats Community Center.
  May 22-25 Memorial Day Rest Stop at Camp Bell. Lion Lance Muir is in charge.
  May 25th @ 6:30PM Memorial Day - No Regular Club meeting.

Club News:
This month we were proud to induct Marcia Hudock into the ranks of Lionism. Lion Marcia has actually been with us for a few months and has participated in many work parties already, so you could say she has hit the ground running! Lion Don Williams conducted the ceremony with sponsor Lion Gary Bernhardt in attendance. Lion Judy Zimmerman arranged for some great speakers to round out the month. First there was Jim Pfiffer, Director of Friends of the Chemung River Watershed, who spoke to us about the early history of the organization he founded, along with its goals and future plans. At our second meeting we enjoyed a repeat performance from Jabe Warren from Cornell Cooperative Extension. Jabe spoke about pest control with a slideshow entitled, "Got Critter Problems?", and this led to some lively discussion. As a reminder, let's keep Lion Connie Lambert in our thoughts this month, along with husband Rev. Herb Lambert as they are facing many difficulties.

Credits: King Lion Mike Yanak read a thank-you note we received from Friends of the Library for our help during the Classy Collectibles event, which Lion Lance Muir reported had generated over $1,700. Lions John Hoos, Marshall Updike, Grace and Mike Yanak, and Dean Zimmerman participated in that event. Lion Gary Bernhardt reported that 6 Lions donated 8 hours rebuilding a screen door and the back steps on a cabinon the April 25th Camp Badger work party. They were Lions Donna Barto, Gary Bernhardt, Gene Herber, Marcia Hudock, Tom Rhodes, and Don Williams. Lion Gene Herber reported that 8 Lions and 1 guest participated in the April 18th Adopt-A-Highway work party, enough so they were able to cover the entire 2 miles of our charge. They were Lions Donna Barto, Gene Herber, Marcia Hudock, Al Redner, Dick Seely, Marshall Updike, Don Williams, and Mike Yanak. Lion Donna Barto arranged for two vision screenings in April, and reported that 21 students were screened at Center Street, and 16 more were planned for Big Flats. Reports are incomplete at press time, but the helpers included Lions Donna Barto, Gary Bernhardt, and Grace Yanak. Finally, Lion Al Draht reported that our Club provided an exam and glasses for a 10 year old girl in Big Flats. A busy April to be sure, but that's what it's all about!

Board Action:
* Thank you note from Finger Lakes Region Lions Hearing Foundation for our Club's donation.
* Thank you note from STAVI for our Club's donation.
* We received a check for $78.73 and detail statement from Canandaigua Lions Club for eyeglass donations between Nov 2007 and Sep 2008. $38.78 was also sent to District Special Funds on our Club's behalf.
* Spencer-Candor Lions 25th anniversary celebration - Announcement and invitation.
* Letter announcing Horseheads Lioness' casino bus trip scheduled for May 3rd.
* New Tent: Lion Lance reiterated the need for a large tent with walls in the $500-$1,000 range. Canopy tents are looking good if we can find sides for them, and Lion Tom Rhodes said he had some sides that may work. Lion Bob Byland also said he may have a tent that would work.
* Monument/Signature Project: Lion Bob Byland said that voting favored the C2 design, which is light in color and matches the surroundings well. He's ready to order, and it should be in place by Memorial Day if we move now. Lion Lance Muir said that Larry Wagoner was willing to help coordinate.
New Business
* Community Days BBQ, June 20: King Lion Mike pointed to the tradition where all members typically participate in this event, and he would produce a roster that includes all members.
* Incoming Administration: 1st VP Lion Judy Zimmerman announced that she would provide a full update of the questionnaire results and future directions at the last meeting in June.
* Mother's Day raffle: Lion Judy Zimmerman suggested that we cancel this event because it was intended to replace one of the rest stops, and we have subsequently regained the second rest stop. There was no objection, so the raffle will be cancelled.

Activity Report for April:


Youth Services:
* Boy Scouts - 4 hrs
Sight Services:
* Eyeglass Recycling - 2 hrs
* Vision Screenings - 10 hrs
Community Services:
* Church - 49 hrs
* CC Office for Aging / Nutrition Site - 16 hrs
* Food Banks/Pantries - 65 hrs
* Meals on Wheels - 2 hrs
* CG Museum Guide - 6 hrs
* Town Committees - 13 hrs
* Historical Society - 3 hrs
* Adopt-A-Highway - 29 hrs
* Camp Badger - 45 hrs
* Tanglewood - 36 hrs
* Environment Emergency Services - 6 hrs
Total Hours: 286
Club Activities:

* Two Dinner Meetings
* One Board Meeting
Membership: Maintained at 38.

John Farr , Club Secretary

Proposed Slate of Officers for 2009/2010:

  President - Judy Zimmerman Lion Tamer - Ed Rhodes
  1st VP - Bob Byland 1Yr Director - Donna Barto
  2nd VP - Bill Powell 1Yr Director - Grace Yanak
  3rd VP Maryann Balland 2Yr Director - Gary Bernhardt
  Secretary - John Farr 2Yr Director - Gene Herber
  Treasurer - Tom Rhodes Past President Mike Yanak
  Tail Twister - Lance Muir  

From the Scrapbook:

Induction ceremony for Lion Marcia Hudock

Editor’s Note:
News items and other submissions from Club members are always welcome! Please feel free to send any announcements or other items of humor or interest.

Published: 05/05/2009 - Revised: 05/12/2009
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